Twitch Guinea Pig Nuggets 2kg

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Our complementary guinea pig feed is designed to be fed alongside a diet that is up to 85% hay or fresh grass. It contains extra vitamin C, essential to keep your guinea pig healthy, and linseed to help promote a healthy skin and coat. High quality ingredients are combined into a single nugget formula to avoid selective feeding and promote a balanced diet.
DIGESTIVE HEALTH With 19% fibre and yeast extracts to help promote a healthy gut and efficient digestion.
SKIN & COAT With added linseed to help maintain healthy skin and coat.
TASTY RECIPE Includes peas and apple pomace to create a tasty nugget.
IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT Our combination of vitamins A, C and E with carefully selected trace elements help to support a healthy immune system.
ADDED VITAMIN C Essential in a guinea pig’s diet to prevent deficiency and health problems.
NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR FLAVOURS We do not add any artificial colours or flavours to our foods.


Oat Fibre, Wheat Fibre, Sunflower Meal, Grass Meal, Carob Bean Meal, Apple Pomace (2%), Calcium Carbonate, Peas (1%), Linseed (1%), Vegetable Oil, Minerals, MOS (0.05%)


Protein 16%, Fat Content 4.2%, Crude Fibre 19%, Crude Ash 7.5%, Vitamin C 250 mg/kg.

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