Your One Stop Pet Shop

Welcome to Pet Stop your local Pet Shop based in Codsall near Wolverhampton.

We offer a large range of pet foods and accessories at very competitive prices.

So whatever pet you have whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or a fish, please call in and see us.

About Petstop

Over 20,00 products

Special order system - click & collect

Free pet care advice

Free local delivery within 2 mile radius

Free parking & loading service

The owner of Pet stop Glynne Owen has been in the retail industry for over 30 years and set up his first small pet shop in 1995. In 2011 the business moved to a larger 3,000 sq ft unit, on a visit to the new store you will note the exceptionally high standards, range and display, the store can at short notice access over 20,000 products, which should satisfy every customers request.

Our Products

We have a vast amount of products instore. Below is a description of the range of products that we stock, however, we do have quick access to over 20,000 products, so if we don’t stock it we can probably get it !

Dog Food & Treats

Dog Health & Hygiene

Dog Coats & Clothing

Dog Collars, Leads & Tags

Dog Harnesses & Muzzels

Dog Training & Toilet

Dog Travel & Car Products

Dog Carriers, Pens, & Kennels

Dog Bedding

Dog Grooming

Dog Bowls & Feeders

Dog Doors & Accessories

Dog Toys

Other Dog Products

Cat Food & Treats

Cat Health & Hygiene

Cat Litters

Cat Collars, Harnesses & Tags

Cat Litter Trays

Cat Scratch Posts

Cat Carriers, Pens, & Kennels

Cat Bedding

Cat Grooming

Cat Bowls & Feeders

Cat Doors & Accessories

Cat Toys

Other Cat Products

Small Animal Food & Treats

Small Animal Litter Training

Small Animal Health & Hygiene

Small Animal Bedding

Small Animal Cages, Carries & Fittings

Small Animal Drinkers & Feeders

Small Animal Toys & Chews

Small Animal Grooming

Small Animal Houses & Hideaways

Small Animal Hutches & Runs Other

Small Animal Products

Caged Bird Food & Treats

Caged Bird Sand & Grit

Caged Bird Health & Hygiene

Caged Bird Cages & Fittings

Caged Bird Carries & Boxes

Caged Bird Drinking & Feeders

Caged Bird Nesting & Bathing

Caged Bird Toys

Chicken & Poultry Pigeons

Other Caged Bird Products

Wild Bird Food & Treats

Wild Bird Feeders & Nesting

Wild Bird Tables Wild Animals

Other Wild Bird Products

Aquatic Food

Aquatic Aeration & Filtration

Aquatic Heating & Lighting

Aquatic Ornamental & Gravel

Aquatic Tanks & Bowls

Aquatic Treatments

Aquatic Accessories


Other Aquatic Products

Equine Food

Equine Health & Hygiene

Equine Grooming

Equine Accessories

Other Equine products

Reptile Food & Treats

Reptile Health & Hygiene

Reptile Drinkers & Feeders

Reptile Heating & Lighting

Reptile Substrates

Reptile Vivariums & Habitats

Reptile Accessories

Other Reptile Products

Groomers 4 Pets

To complete the service, Glynnes Wife Jill owns a professional Dog Grooming studio and mobile van service –
so why not book in today!

Full clip and trim

Washing and drying

Bath "While 'U' Wait"

Flea treatments / conditioning / de-odorising

Nail trimming

+ many more services...

Contact Petstop

Pet Stop Direct

24 Wood Road





01902 846364

Our opening times:

9.00am – 6.00pm (Mon to Fri)

9.00am – 5.30pm (Sat)

Closed Sunday