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Formulated for smaller dogs Our Toy & Small Breed food has higher levels of protein and fat than our other adult dog diets ensuring toy/small breed dogs get everything they need. Small dogs tend to have higher metabolic rates and smaller stomachs so need to take in more calories per kilo than larger dogs to maintain a healthy weight. When used as a general maintenance diet it can help to maintain healthy skin, coat and digestion. Made with a smaller kibble for smaller mouths. Quality Ingredients Burns Original is hypo-allergenic, so it is suitable for sensitive dogs. It is formulated without ingredients such as wheat, soya, dairy, artificial colourings and artificial preservatives which are known to cause food intolerances. Hypo-Allergenic Contains all the nutrients a dog needs and avoids those which cause the build-up of toxic waste in the system. Lower Feeding Costs Containing only the finest quality ingredients Burns Original is highly digestible therefore feeding amounts are lower, meaning that daily feeding costs are significantly lower than those of other premium brands. And there’s less poo to clean up! Ingredients: Brown Rice (43%), Chicken Meal (23%), White Rice (12%), Chicken Oil, Oats, Peas, Sunflower Oil, Fish Meal, Vitamins & Minerals, Seaweed. Nutritional Analysis: Crude protein 21%, crude oil & fats 11%, crude fibre 2.0%, crude ash 7.0%, moisture 8.0%, copper 18mg/kg, sodium 0.16%, calcium 1.64%, phosphorus 1.01%, magnesium 0.10%, potassium 0.35%, chloride 0.20%, sulphur 0.15%, essential fatty acid 3.62%

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